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  • Director Desk !

    We are in machinery and equipment manufacturing bussiness. For steel rolling and agriculture machinery since 1980. Providing complete machinery and equipment for integrated steel plant, automatic and semi automatic rolling mill, wire rod with block mill, tmt bar mill, structure mill, narrow strip mill and agriculture eqipments. We supplies on turnkey bacis complete plant, spares and auxiliary.

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  • Quality Assurance

    Quality the clear choice

    Our products are manufacturer on the bacis of international quality standards and are intune with the latest technology available to date. All the equipments are designed and manufactured keeping in view the minimum maintainenece costs, energy efficience and longivity of service of the equipments bieng supplied. The material being used for manufacturing is always of tested grades made with state of art of technology with trained and qualified technical man power. Our products always becomes are hallmarks of ever increasing goodwill with clients

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Specialization :-

  • Marwaha Machine Tools specialize in pass designing for different grades of Stainless Steel (SS), Alloy Steel, Mild Steel, Spring Steel and special grades.
  • Marwaha Machine Tools is one of the a few consultancy organizations in India which has mastered high speed wire rod block mills of all types utterly on bases of our experience by practically working on different types of Block Mill Projects.


  • Marwaha Machine Tools has complete technical background to design, manufacture and do turnkey projects of rolling mill plants of high productions and high speed with latest technolgy emerging in india and abroads.
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Direct rolling of billet from continoues caster to rolling mill saving the costs-reheating costs-burning loss-reheating man power-reheating equipment maintenance cost-reheating equipment electric consumtion swell up your profir on very nominal cost.